User-Friendly Email Security Designed for the Legal Community

Delivery Trust Email Encryption by Identillect Technologies ensures total security and control over your sensitive email communications, both outbound and when recipients respond. As legal professionals, it is not only an ethical obligation to ensure confidentiality when communicating with clients but also a legal obligation when dealing with clients in heavily regulated industries.

Identillect Offers ArkBar Members:

35% Discount

On annual license purchases of Delivery Trust Email Encryption

Full Compliance

Compliant with all eDiscovery, state, federal and industry-specific data handling regulations

Free and ongoing access

To cybersecurity and compliance training, live webinars and product support


Works with your existing email with direct plugins for Outlook, O365, Gmail and more

The ArkBar is one of the many Bar Associations across the country which have selected Identillect's Delivery Trust email encryption as the recommended email security solution for their member's sensitive email communications.

Delivery Trust integrates seamlessly with your existing email and allows for customizable security settings from both a user and organization level, all at the click of a button. Leverage the additional capability of the Secure Scan add-on which detects sensitive information based on your organizational needs and automatically encrypts when necessary.

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Delivery Trust Email Security Key Features:

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Delivery Trust (O365 Plugin Experience)

Secure Scan - Encryption Automation

Cybersecurity & Compliance Training


Delivery Trust Email Encryption

Ongoing Education

  • Restrict unwanted print/forward/download
  • Discreet read receipt notices
  • No recipient registration or download to view/respond securely
  • Retract messages sent in error at any time
  • Full eDiscovery compliant audit trails
  • Mobile-optimized web portal access